How To Play Edit

This game is mostly played by mouse. You must have an account to play this game. To have an account click here:[1]

How to Move Your Penguin Edit

To move your penguin, click anywhere. You cant walk on the walls. Even ninjas can't.

Your Igloo Edit

Every penguin has a igloo. Every penguin starts with a basic igloo
You can buy new igloos from the İgloo Upgrades catalog.

(Members Only)

Decorating Your İgloo Edit

To decorate your igloo ,first open the Better İgloos catalog.Click buy to buy new furniture. You can buy furniture more than one. For example You can buy 2 Big Screen TVs and 5 Green Chouches. (Members only)

Coins Edit

Coins are the money in CP.To have coins, play a minigame. Coins will be rated by your score in a minigame.

Becoming a Member Edit

Becoming a member allows you to access more. For example when you are a basic member you can buy only 2 puffles. But when you are a ultimate member, you can buy 16 puffles. To become a member CLİCK HERE:[2]

Minigames Edit

Minigames are the money scource in cp. To play a minigame go to the place that has a minigame.

Minigame Guide Edit

This guide will tell you which minigames are in which places.

Town: Night Club:DJ3K,Dance Contest,Astro Barrier,Thin İce Coffee Shop:Java Beans,Mancala,Paint by Letters:Lime Green Dojo Clean,Burnt out Bulbs,My Puffle

Plaza: Pet Shop:Puffle Round Up, Pizza Parlor:Pizzatron3000,

The Cove:Surf's Up!

Mine Shack: Mine:Cart Surfer

Ice Berg:Aqua Grabbler

Dojo Courtyard: Dojo:Card Jitsu Flying Flippers Emporium(Ninja Hideout):Card Jitsu

Ski Hill:Ridge Run,Penguin Run,Express,Bunnyhill

Ski Village: Ski Lodge:Find Four,Ice Fishing Sports Shop: HQ(Headquarters)(Spy Hideout):Missons

The Beach: Lighthouse: Beacon:Jet Pack Adventure

The Dock:Hydro Hooper

Secret Places and Hideouts Edit

Secret Places are the places who is shown in the map but doesnt count as a valid room. Thosee places were The dojo,mine shack and the ice berg. Ice berg is still a secret room but when the card jitsu game came the dojo became a valid room. The mine shack is now a valid room because after the tremors, mine shack was under construction.

Hideouts are the places that penguins with professions and skills go. Like the FFE(Flying Flippers Emporium). Only the ninjas can go to that place. The Headquarters is a place that only spies can go there. Check out the professions page to learn how t be a spy.